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Mobasser museum


Come and share the passion for antique tools with Hubert Mobasser. He loves tools. For many many years, he has begun assembling a collection of tools specific to particular trades and decided to exhibit his collection.
Tools, obviously, come in all shapes, sizes, and sorts. Each tool was designed for a different job and so the variety is endless.

Opening days : saturday, sunday and bank days from 14.30 to 18.30
for the group : visit by appointment outside of the opening days and hours.

Musée rural de Mobasser
Les Fouchards
Tel : +33 (0)

Itinerant museum of Cinema : Le Ciné de Papa

Bruno Bouchard Le Ciné de Papa à Boulleret

A variety of cinema objects can be exhibited, ranging from posters and other advertising materials to objects found within old cinema, such as projectors, praxinoscope, zootrope, phénakitiscope, thaumatrope, folioscope...

  • Bruno Bouchard has been collecting cinema-related objects for many years. He began his collection when he was child.

Bruno Bouchard
Tel : +33 (0)